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Angling in the Range of Light

Popular fishing spots in the Eastern Sierra There’s something magical...

The Rundown on Swimming and Altitude Training

Ever since the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City (7,382 feet), altitude training has become essential to an elite endurance athlete’s exercise program. Athletes who lived in high altitude regions performed better than athletes from lower elevation regions. Since then, altitude training has been studied extensively in endurance sports. Most scientific studies focus on running and cycling, however, the effect of altitude training is relatively uncertain in swimming. The sport differs from other endurance sports in its style of conditioning.

For the Love of Spring in the Eastern Sierra

As the spring sun begins to shine, rising above the White Mountains on the horizon, Mammoth skiers and snowboarders wake to a frosty morning. They begin their coffee and breakfast rituals while gearing up for the day. But there is plenty more to do than just ski and snowboard, or run.

Your Ultimate Guide for the Fishing Opener in the Eastern Sierra

When Andy Williams recorded the timeless song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year,” he was singing about Christmas, but Eastsiders know that Fishmas is a close second, maybe even arguably the most wonderful. April 25, 2015 is the kick-off for the fishing season in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra. The weekend is a celebration of the great outdoors and fishing. Here’s your ultimate guide for the fishing opener in the Eastern Sierra. Fish on!

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9 Top Hikes for Wildflower Viewing

Spring and early summer are spectacular for wildflower viewing in the Eastern Sierra. As the season gets warmer, the peak bloom rises in elevation, but there is almost always a trail to see flowers. Our favorite wildflower hikes are in and around Mammoth Lakes and offer mountain views, alpine lakes, and plenty of wildflowers.

Earth History Drives: Mammoth Lakes to the Owens River Gorge

From massive volcanic eruptions to mountain shaping glaciers and ancient seas, the region around Mammoth Lakes has an exciting and unique geologic history. When in the area, there is no better way to observe the geologic evolution of the Eastern Sierra than by traveling from Mammoth Lakes to the nearby Owens River Gorge.

7 Things to Do in Spring in Mammoth Lakes

Springtime in Mammoth Lakes is what California is all about and I have 7 things you can do while you’re here.

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Snow Bum Beef Stew

It ‘s not the ingredients that matter; it’s the technique. For maximum flavor, meat should be seared, alcohol deglazed, and vegetables sautéed. With Chef Algerøen’s advice, I perfected Snow Bum Beef Stew. Here’s how you make it…

Local’s Guide to a Weekend in Mammoth Lakes

Your insiders guide to the best times to go skiing or snowboarding, when to pack it up for the day and how to get the best apres and dining experience in Mammoth Lakes.

Cupid’s Cuisine: Getting to the Heart of Mammoth’s Valentines Day Dining Options

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, numerous images come to mind: Cupid and his arrow, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, jewelry, cards and flowers. To that list, I’ll add food. That’s right, another way to the heart is through the stomach, and whether you’re courting that special someone, or wanting to celebrate a full-on relationship, a nice dinner out on Valentines Day is time-honored tradition.

In Mammoth Lakes, we get that, and we’ve put together some options for a special dining experience you might fall in love with.

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